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Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna Come to Louisburg!

7 Sauna Wellness Programs For Every Need

Because the three heating mechanisms within our full spectrum heaters operate independently, you can program them to generate any number of heat combinations. You can optimize the power, output, and intensity based on your specific needs during each sauna session.

Or, you can choose one of our preset wellness programs!

Research shows that specific parts of the infrared spectrum are effective at producing different health benefits. Our 3-in-1 sauna blends the optimal wavelengths—near, mid, and far—to achieve specific results. 

Seven preset wellness programs are ready to use at the touch of a button:
  1. Detoxification 
  2. Relaxation 
  3. Anti-Aging 
  4. Cardiovascular 
  5. Weight Loss 
  6. Pain Relief 
  7. Custom
Enjoy the healing benefits of light and color with Chromotherapy, is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. 

Acoustic Resonance Therapy
Our most popular sauna enhancement, A.R.T. from SO Sound creates an environment for the body to experience the benefits of sound and vibrational healing by stimulating our feeling sense. 
Programs & Rates
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